Savannah has found her a spot on the 1st round of qualification for Optimist, South Americans held in Chile-April 2011!  The kids didn't have  much wind to work with and very frustrating sailing conditions.  A bit of a low turn out compared to last years Discover Youth regatta, but 16 optis raced 3days with the cream of the crop from PR.  Savannah finished 1st in white, 1st girl and 7th overall.  On the first day they shorten the course and she had some confusion and ended up a DNF on the 2nd race(along with about 9 others), otherwise she sailed clean and was in the best of spirits, beating some top boys!  (they too were pretty good sports!).  Her hands are MUCH better, we've eliminated hand washing for the past 2 weeks (amazing she hasn't gotten sick) and also ditched the gloves.  She was as excited as ever and had a 3rd place yesterday on the 1st race after leading the pack for half of the course!  Jim was a mark boat Friday and Saturday and I played "opti Mom".. on Sunday though a different story!  We dropped S off very early Sunday morning and Jim and I headed about an hour away for 8 mile SUP race in Guayama.  Now you all no that Jim has been training pretty hard, and starting to beat me on some of those training races... and I'm proud to tell he beat me in yesterdays race!!!  Although on a longer faster board... It was a beautiful, flat, HOT 8 mile race.  Originially supposed to be 10 miles ( I would have had him..).  Anyhow Jim came in 2nd in the 14'class and 3rd overall.  I came in 1st in the 12'6 class and 4th overall.  We too had a lower turn out and only had about 15 or so Elite racers and were missing our top 2 guys(Colin and Adrian), but most of the racers yesterday were on sweet racing style board, always great eye candy!  Also.. Jim not only placed 3rd overall but was hauling ass with a time of 1:29 which is an 11.10 min miles.. incredible!  He said he was pretty much ready to get it over with.. I came in at 1:30, 11.20 min mile with a lot left over.. compared to my 9 mile distance race at battle of the paddle I did 10.4 min miles for 9.... gotta love the cooler, CA wx!  Our next SUP race is the first weekend of Dec, with a nice cash purse and good Stateside comp coming down.. really excited and training hard.  Cant' wait to see how J does!  Miss you all!  H